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Let's sing the kings!

Dates: 29 de january de 2022, saturday

Hour: 15:00

Local: Constância, Praça Alexandre Herculano


The City Council of Constância will promote the January edition of A Praça ConVida, an event that will take place on the 29th, at 15:00 in Praça Alexandre Herculano, in Constância, this time entitled Let's sing the Kings!.

Aiming to promote and safeguard a tradition of traditional Portuguese culture, such as Cantar os Reis or Cantar as Janeiras, this initiative by A Praça ConVida will count with the participation of ACLAMA – Cultural Association «Os Amigos de Martinchel», of the Parish Choir of Constância, the Grupo de Cantares da Casa do Povo de Montalvo and the Grupo de Música Tradicional de Constância – CICO.

Although Cantar os Reis always takes place on the occasion of January 6th, Dia de Reis, in view of the pandemic situation and the rules of the General Health Directorate, the Municipality decided to schedule the event for the end of January.

It should be noted that Praça ConVida is an event that will take place monthly, at Praça Alexandre Herculano, in Constância, which now marks its second edition, aiming to combine the promotion of culture with the dynamization of the Historic Center of the Notable Village of Constância .



Event subject to the rules of the General Directorate of Health.

Price: Free


Câmara Municipal de Constância
Apartado 46 2250-909 Constância
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