"Casa: Abraçando a Nossa Natureza" Exposição de Fotografia de Luís Afonso

Based on literary references, personal expectations, dreams, beliefs and experiences, “Utopia” is an invitation.

Dates: 21 de january de 2023, saturday
to 02 de february de 2023, thursday
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Hour: 17:00


21 de january de 2023, saturday
24 de january de 2023, tuesday
25 de january de 2023, wednesday
26 de january de 2023, thursday
27 de january de 2023, friday
28 de january de 2023, saturday
31 de january de 2023, tuesday
01 de february de 2023, wednesday
02 de february de 2023, thursday

Supplementary schedule: TER-SEX 14-18 H SÁB 10-13 H / 14-18 H

Local: São João Baptista, Galeria Municipal do Entroncamento


ABOUT “UTOPIA” “From the Greek “ou”+”topos” which means “place that does not exist”. In a general sense, the term is used to describe imaginary constructions of perfect societies, in accordance with the philosophical principles of their creators.” Based on literary references, personal expectations, dreams, beliefs and experiences, “Utopia” is an invitation. It is a proposal, an opportunity for sharing and an event to which we invite the spectator to get to know the most intimate version of each of the participants in the face of this concept, which transcends the mere more than perfect and unattainable. Ideas, lives, memories and particular visions come together to communicate each one's understanding of what we could be and achieve. Through works of painting, drawing, plastic arts, we propose to offer a visit that, despite being ephemeral, we want to be immersive, as we hope that through different means, materials and dimensions, the discussion and encouragement to dream and transformation will be initiated.

About Emilia Emília Infante Pedroso was born in Lisbon. She did her primary and secondary studies in Lisbon, but having paternal family from Chamusca, she always spent her holidays there. She had, as her closest friend, the daughter of the sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida, whose house she visited almost daily and where she lived with artists in the areas of Painting, Architecture and Literature who left a deep impression on her, as she was always receptive to all kinds of Art. . With the Hospitality Course, from the Hotel School of Lisbon, she exercised this profession, in Brazil, in a renowned Hotel in Cabo Frio. Back in Portugal, she took the Art History Course at the ARCO School, in Lisbon. She worked as secretary of the Presidency of the Association of Architects, later the Order of Architects. In 1994, through subsidies granted by IFADAP, she opened an Agroturismo, about 18 km from Coruche, remaining there until 2008. During this period of time, she learned painting from a Master, graduated from the School of Fine Arts, taking advantage of his weekly visit to Coruche, to teach, privately, a group of students. In 2008, she sold the Agroturismo and built the house, where she currently resides, in Chamusca, her chosen land. In January 2017, she exhibited, for the first time, in the Multipurpose Room of the Chamusca Municipal Library, her canvases with the theme "A Chamusca and Tagus", dedicated to her paternal grandparents. In July 2017, she participates in the Collective of Painting and Photography, under the theme “Os Avieiros e o Tejo”, at the Convento de São Francisco, in Santarém. “You can say that I learned to paint in oils about fifteen years ago, with a professor of Fine Arts, who came to Coruche once a week to teach. After that, I moved to Chamusca and devoted myself, for the love of art, to oil painting. Since then, I have participated in 6 exhibitions, 5 of which are collective and one on an individual basis, the last one, collective, here in Chamusca, called "Utopia". I recognize that my love for art is greater than that of art for me.... (It should be understood, I consider myself very weak..)”


ABOUT LEO Leopoldina Silva (Leo. Silva) is a young plastic and visual artist, she is 21 years old and is from Chamusca. She studied Visual Arts at Escola Secundária Ginestal Machado in Santarém. She participates in various artistic areas from painting, theater to photography, crafts, etc. She has participated in several exhibitions (group and solo) and creative projects, from Meus Mundos - solo exhibition in 2015; Introspective- solo exhibition 2019; Collective project 'We are all threads of the same rope' in 2020; Age of Aquarius- group exhibition 2021; illustration of a short story - collective project in 2021, among many others. Her painting tends to focus on an introspective character and on the search / study of the theme of identity. He mostly paints acrylic on canvas but "personally I don't let the material or the different techniques limit me, I like to experiment and I see both the process, the material and the style as complementary parts in a whole, I don't understand why I wouldn't put them together to create something single".

ABOUT PESTANA BLÓ Bló Pestana (Isabel Pestana) is a native of Chamusca. She completed the Interior Designer and General Graphic Equipment course at the I.A.D.E (Institute of Decoration and Design Art) in Lisbon and attended Stilandrade, in Lisbon, where she came into contact with some of the most advanced decorative painting techniques. He had his first painting exhibition at the Hotel do Prado in 1996 and since then he has exhibited his work individually at fairs such as Ascensão in Chamusca, Feira do Cavalo in Golegã, and also in group exhibitions in São Martinho do Porto and Bombarral. In July 2010, her works were included in the book “Pintores do Oeste”. In 2014, she was invited by the Terras Quentes Association and Macedo de Cavaleiros City Council to join the team led by Dr. Miguel Sanches de Baena. In this context, he was given the task of managing the entire artistic area of the Martim Gonçalves Macedo Museum. She exhibited, individually, at the “Forum da Corredoura” in Tomar and at “Antiqua”, in Golegã, on the theme of the TEMPLÁRIOS. In June 2015 she presented, in the Multipurpose Room of the Municipal Library of Chamusca, in honor of her mother: RAÍZES DA VIDA - her most symbolic works. At the Arts and Culture Center of Ponte de Sôr, on June 18, 2016, she inaugurated the Exhibition: PERFEITO / IMPERFEITO-Celebration of Women. On August 27, 2016, the Exhibition “TEMPLÁRIOS” at the Municipal Gallery of Entroncamento and, on March 18, 2017, the Exhibition “UNIVERSO SEPTENÁRIO”, once again, at the Municipal Library of Chamusca. He also participated in the 1st Bullfighting Art Exhibition of Chamusca- Ascensão 2017 and in the Collective of Painting and Photography “OS AVIEIROS E O TEJO”, at the Convent of São Francisco, in Santarém – from 01 to 12 July 2017 and in September of the same year at the Municipal Gallery of Entroncamento. She also carried out restoration work, on walls, with artistic paintings, in the headquarters building of the Rafael and Maria Rosa Neves Duque Foundation, headquartered in Chamusca. Currently, she gives painting classes to children and adults, maintaining her work in the areas of decorative arts and restoration, namely, in the restoration of canvases, furniture and walls.

ABOUT GUEST ARTIST D.MIGUEL DE BRAGANÇA “The Unknowing Genius A great surrealist painter and eccentric human being who, due to a lack of vanity, allowed his work to remain hidden. Although he could not be present, D.Miguel allowed himself to let some apparitions from his private collection be seen and appreciated here in “Utopia”. We leave here with you some of his surreal pieces, of great mastery, some a few years old but which, coincidentally, still fit within the explored theme. We also came to thank this fascinating person for their participation and friendship, a heartfelt thank you.” – Bló, Emília, Leo and everyone else who helped make “utopia” possible.

Price: Free


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