Photography Exhibition "Rostos de Maria" Sculpture and Painting in the Municipality of Nisa

Photography by Adalrich Malzbender / Idea and Implementation by José Carmona Ribeiro

Dates: 10 de december de 2022, saturday
to 29 de december de 2022, thursday
(Achievement in interpolated dates, see here)

Hour: 17:00


10 de december de 2022, saturday
13 de december de 2022, tuesday
14 de december de 2022, wednesday
15 de december de 2022, thursday
16 de december de 2022, friday
17 de december de 2022, saturday
20 de december de 2022, tuesday
21 de december de 2022, wednesday
22 de december de 2022, thursday
27 de december de 2022, tuesday
28 de december de 2022, wednesday
29 de december de 2022, thursday

Supplementary schedule: TER-SEX 14h00-18h00 SÁB 10H00-13H00 / 14H00-18H00 Encerra DOM e SEG

Local: São João Baptista - Entroncamento, Galeria Municipal do Entroncamento


ADALRICH MALZBENDER Photography Born in Berlin, Adalrich Malzbender is a doctor who is married to an Alentejo woman from Portalegre. He has dedicated himself to traditional black and white photography since 1976, portraying the Alentejo plain, the Alentejo people and the groups of choirs of Cante Alentejano, with their solemn posture. He also portrays the gypsy people, with whom he had contact for almost 30 years, and Romanesque art in Portugal. Adalrich Malzbender also published the books “Alentejo” and “Olhares Ciganos”, was a collaborator in several magazines in Germany and Portugal and had individual exhibitions in Portugal (Lisbon, Alcobaça, Porto), Spain, Germany and also had his participation in an exhibition group show in Brazil at the University of Brasília (“Gypsies among friends”). He published the books “Alentejo” (Quetzal) and “Olhares ciganos” (Museum of Cáceres) and collaborated in the magazines Atlantis (TAP) and Pormenores. JOSÉ JOAQUIM TONILHAS CARMONA RIBEIRO Scenario José Joaquim Tonilhas Carmona Ribeiro was born in Nisa and is a professor: graduated in History from the University of Coimbra. He began teaching in 1972/73, on a voluntary basis, in the Coimbra penitentiary. From 1973 to 1975 he served in the Armed Forces. From the end of 1975 he taught at the Secondary Schools of Santa Maria do Olival (Tomar) and Entroncamento. After retiring (2010) he returned to volunteering and taught History, Art History and History of Culture and Arts at the Senior Universities of Tomar, Nisa, Crato and the Municipal Library of Portalegre. He currently teaches at the Senior Academy of Castelo de Vide. ABOUT THE EXHIBITION “ROSTOS DE MARIA” Photographs taken on old analogue cameras, with rollers and chemicals and according to old recipes, in the darkroom of the garage. “The tour that Adalrich and I took through the churches, sanctuaries and chapels of the Municipality of Nisa revealed an iconography so abundant and varied in some respects, it almost needs no text. In fact, the photographs that show us the various faces of Maria reveal to us the work of a virtuoso - Adal - a man passionate about his art, who searches with knowledge, serenity and a lot of patience for the best angle, playing with light and the shadow, trying to capture the essence that emanates from each of Maria's faces. In Portugal, and in the municipality of Nisa in particular, wherever we turn, we find the Virgin Mary in her most varied faces: Senhora da Graça, Senhora dos Prazeres, Senhora da Conceição, Senhora da Esperança, Senhora do carmo, Senhora do Rosário, Senhora das Dores, Senhora dos Remédios, Senhora dos Navegantes, Senhora da Redonda, Senhora da Sanguinheira… So many ladies, reflections of a single face – Senhora de Portugal”. – Jose Carmona Ribeiro This is the proposal of Galeria Municipal do Entroncamento for the 2023 Christmas season.

Price: Free


Município do Entroncamento . Câmara Municipal - Cultura
Largo José Duarte Coelho São João Baptista 2330 Entroncamento
249 720 400
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